Ten Effective Home Security Tips

Securing you home is a prime responsibility and there are various ways to achieve this. The home acts as a base from which most things are controlled and managed. It also stores valuables, protects family members and features various hard-earned assets.

Here are 10 home security tips that will help you keep your home and family safe amidst increased burglary and theft.

1. Start by changing all locks – When new in a home or have change maids or other personnel working in your home, change all the locks. You never know who else has access or knows the vulnerabilities of the existing locks. Changing locks will ensure you get rid of these obvious threats.

2. Install alarm systems – Alarm systems and outdoor cameras are cheap and readily available. They also provide another level of home security as anyone who trips the alarm is highly likely to be caught in the act. Alarms are also used to seek external help incase of forceful entry.

3. Conceal the wiring – Burglars and thieves are keen not to interfere with obvious alarm and security wires. Concealing them and installing inconspicuous security features is one good way to heighten security. It makes it quite easy for any unauthorized person to activate the alarm system and alert you.

4. Take advantage of fooling technologies – Many burglars stalk home owners and walk around to pry on those moments when there is no one at home. You can always use fooling technologies to give an impression that there is someone around the house even when everyone is actually away. Automatic systems that intelligently turn light and/or water for a short while are best in doing this.

5. Light your entrances up – One effective way to keep burglars away is use sufficient lighting on all entrances. You can even incorporate infrared technologies that turn focus to a particular place when someone is around or approaching.

6. Don’t do the obvious – Keeping your keys in the mailbox, under the door mat or around the home is a common trend that has been practiced for ages. It is quite obvious burglars will quickly learn your secret spot with a little bit of prying and then gain easy entry when no one is around.

7. Install the right peep hole – Home security is more than keeping burglars away and includes fast response incase of forceful attacks and false visits. The right height and type of peephole that only those inside can use to easily see who is outside can be very helpful.

8. Keep hinges inside – Install door and window hinges from inside the house. Hinges placed outside are easy targets as burglars can break them and use pins to gain effortless entry.

9. Use thick deadbolts – Dead bolds may be more expensive than latch locks. However, they are stronger and more difficult to break. Using deadbolt locks of at least one inch thick is highly recommended.

10. Protect windows – You can secure windows using metal bars and grills or even install invincible grills that are integrated with alarm systems.


There are various other ways of securing your home. Installing slide doors, small safes and several alert systems in different parts of the room where you may end up restricted to by buglers are some effective methods of improving security. The end goal of securing a home is ensuring buglers are kept off, and those successful to gain entry are caught in the process without any escape plan.

Successful Online Dating Stories

There are many success stories for us to talk about in regards to online dating. I’m going to list a few different ones here to give you a bit of an idea of how sometimes things can just work out for the best, in even the strangest conditions.

Meeting someone online can often lead to a relationship moving along a lot quicker because of the amount of information you share, and how most people are more willing to be honest in what they want and how they feel online.


As long as you pay attention to online dating safety, it can be very advantageous to date online.

There isn’t a lot of pretending and it’s a lot easier to just move on when you don’t have a lot invested in the relationship. I’ll start with my personal online dating story and then move onto a few different ones.

My online dating story isn’t probably the way most people traditionally meet people online but I personally know of several people that have met in this way and enjoyed great relationships from it. My partner and I met playing a game that we both downloaded to our smart phones. I’m not going to say which particular game but it had a chat function, alliances and messaging capabilities.

We started off as just two people playing a game with pretend names from across different sides of the world, to a  long lasting relationship, where we do everything together and I can’t think of someone else that I would rather be with.

We are going to be married soon and all because of a free game that we both played to fill in spare time. The game chat and whispers eventually led to flirting and phone calls through many of the different chat apps available, also all free to use. This part of our relationship lasted for almost a year, and after spending a year talking to someone every spare minute you have available, you know them pretty well.

Both of us eventually decided to meet and my partner traveled all the way across the world for that first meeting and I’m glad she did, it was like we had been together our whole lives. So, that’s my little good news online dating story, and I’m happy to share it with you.

Other Stories

Here is a success story from an online dating site called RSVP.com.au, which is an Australian Online Dating and Matchmaking site. This couple had both signed up for the dating site after struggling to find their soul mates in the more traditional ways.

From their first few meetings online, they knew that there was something there that was worth taking further. After meeting in a public place for coffee and then endless hours of talking on the phone, they both knew that they had something special. Two years later they are both happily married and owe it all to taking a chance on a stranger, and signing up for an online dating site. http://www.rsvp.com.au/content/success/both+left+feeling/62217.jsp

Then next success story comes courtesy of eHarmony.com and it wasn’t love at first site but took a few goes before this single mom found the person she was looking for. What started as messages and emails between the two, soon turned into phone calls and then an epic 10 hour long first date.

Even as a single mom who cared for her daughter 24/7 they still managed to find time to date and it seemed like they were the perfect match for each other. The two found their own special version of happiness and it was all down to the fact that they just clicked from the very first moment.

It’s with someone special that you just “know” from the first meeting that you have found the one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. http://www.eharmony.com/success/stories/single-parents-dating/2193/